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Colorjet SubliXpress / SUBLIXPRESS PLUS

Industrial sublimation solution

160 / 180 cm high-performance system for up to 9000 m2 per day

SubliXpress is an industrial high-speed sublimation machine for printing on sublimation papers with 160 / 180 cm roll width. The system is equipped with 2, 4, or 8 Kyocera industrial print cartridges and prints variable dotsizes between 4 and 72 picoliters.

COLORJET Sublixpress
COLORJET Sublixpress

The polyester sublimation press enables very high productivity with a capacity of up to 9.000 m2/day in Speed Mode (6.000 m2/day in Production Mode and 4.400 m2/day in High Quality. The industrial feed and take-up system supports rolls with a diameter of up to 900 mm.

The system is equipped with an advanced ink degassing system that eliminates any kind of gas bubbles in the ink and gives the print a smooth finish.

The SubliXpress is equipped with infrared dryers.



  • ANTI CRASH SENSOR: For accurate detection of media unevenness
  • INK DEGASSING SYSTEM & SELF ADJUSTING NEGATIVE PRESSURE: This eliminates bubbles in the ink to prevent possible ink leakage during printing
  • AUTOMATIC CAPPING AND WIPING SYSTEM: To ensure continuous production and allow for possible ink reuse
  • PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: Variable drop inkjet from 4pl to 72pl with industrial Kyocera printheads.
  • TST (TRANSDUCER SENSOR TECH): For effective synchronization of paper movement during winding and unwinding
  • DUAL RAIL: Ensures higher jet precision and robustness of the inkjet carriage, resulting in less maintenance
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE VARIABLE VACUUM BED: For precise media transport
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  • SOLID ALUMINIUM FRAME: Eliminates vibration and ensures stable printing and long life
  • PRE HEATER: Infrared heating tube for instant heat for drying with low power consumption on the media
  • POST HEATER: Infrared dryer with blower for precise ink pickup on the media
  • DANCING ROLLER: For continuous roller tension and alignment
  • TAKE-UP & FEEDER ROLLER: Supports long rolls with up to 20,000 m run length and 900 mm roll diameter for non-stop printing

Complete packages

CN TOP Europe offers complete solutions from a single source. Ask for the right pre- and post-processing systems and for experienced application support.

Service and Support

CN TOP Europe ensures service and spare parts supply within Europe. With the systems, the customer purchases a package with the most important spare parts, which are then available on site. In addition, spare parts are supplied from European distribution.

COLORJET Sublixpress 


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  X4203 X4403 / X4806  


Colorjet SubliXpress & SUBLIXPRESS PLUS (SX+)
X4406 SX+
X4803 SX+
X4806 SX+


61 to 182 m2/hr.
68 to 210 m2/hr.
165 to 457 m2/hr.
218 to 457m2/hr.
Printing height
20 mm
20 mm
20 mm
20 mm
Materials Sublimation papers


Number of print heads 2 4 4 8
Printheads Grayscale industrial print heads from Kyocera
Print resolution Up to 2,400 dpi Up to 2,400 dpi Up to 2,400 dpi Up to 2,400 dpi
Precision ±0.3% or ±0.3 mm
Cleaning System Pressure flushing and wiping   
Wetting Piezoelectric drives   


Maximum roll width 165 cm 183 cm 183 cm 183 cm
Maximum roll diameter 400 mm 900 mm  900 mm  900 mm 
Maximum material thickness 20 mm 20 mm  20 mm  20 mm 
Maximum roll length 4,000 m at 20 g/m 20,000 m at 22 g/m  20,000 m at 22 g/m  20,000 m at 22 g/m 


Inks Water-based dye sublimation inks   
Channels 4C: CMYK  4C: CMYK 4C: CMYK  4C: CMYK 
Ink system Refillable Refillable  Refillable  Refillable 


Construction High strength aluminium structure with high quality components   
Drying Infrared drying system   
Measure (WxDxH) 3,775 x 1,470 x 2,100 mm 3,910 x 1,830 x 2,430 mm  3.910 x 1.830 x 2.430 mm  3.910 x 1.830 x 2.430 mm  
Weight 1,600 kg  1,650 kg   1,650 kg   1,650 kg  


Temperature 20°C - 28°C  20°C - 28°C  20°C - 28°C 20°C - 28°C 
Humidity 50% - 65%  50% - 65% 50% - 65%   50% - 65%
Energy Ac 220-240V±10%|35A|50/60Hz (printer)  Ac 220-240V±10%|43A|50/60Hz (printer)   
  Ac 220-240V±10%|20A|50/60Hz (dryer)  Ac 220-240V±10%|20A|50/60Hz (dryer)   
Air pressure 0.6 Mpa  0.6 Mpa    
PC Windows PC for Onyx-RIP (Colorjet edition) connection via USB 3.1