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Ser.Tec - Eagle TX 70 and TX Series

Are you looking for DTG solution to do more than just print T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters? Your job structure is more diverse and requires maximum flexibility?

Two-pallet systems, no matter how productive, do not offer enough flexibility, smaller one-pallet systems in turn do not offer the desired productivity?

Then the Eagle TX70-2H is the perfect solution for you.

Ser.Tec - Eagle TX 70



The Eagle TX70-2H comes in standard with three trays and a total of six (6) paired pallets (440x290 mm). Alternatively, the print table can be equipped with three (3) 420x380 mm pallets or even twelve (12) 300x180 mm pallets.

The Eagle TX70-2H is shipped from the factory with two print heads, each with eight separately controllable channels. White is applied using the first print head. The process colors CMYK are then applied using the second print head (two channels per color).

In this configuration, the press achieves a net printing output of up to 40 parts/hour.

Optionally, the TX70 can also be configured with just one print head. The eight channels are then divided between the white ink (4 channels) and the process colors CMYK (1 channel each).


Main features and benefits:

  • Flexibly configurable DTG system for direct printing on a wide variety of textile substrates - shirts, shopping bags, baseball caps, shoes and much more
  • Quality product from Italy, designed for use in multi-shift operation and conceived for the highest demands on efficient production processes
  • Particularly suitable for companies with highly varying order structures, whether on-demand T-shirt web store or classic B-2-B textile finisher
  • Optionally with one or two piezo-electric print heads for different productivity requirements
  • Pigment ink system from market leader DuPont® - certified according to ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® and GOTS-listed
  • RIP perfectly matched to the TX series supports efficient production workflows, optimum utilization of the color space and high repeatability of print results
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In all Eagle TX series systems, the white channel is equipped with a recirculation system. The white ink is therefore permanently in motion, effectively preventing sediment formation.

Sensors are used to determine the height of the material to be printed and the print head height is automatically adjusted. Only high-quality components are used, from the sensors to the brushless motors.

The included RIP-SW WhiteRIP was developed with the typical requirements of textile printing in mind and also supports all the special functionalities of the TX series.

A tablet supplied with the Eagle TX systems serves as the control panel, running the machine control software. It can also communicate wirelessly with the printing system via a cable connection. This means that the operator can keep an eye on the press even when he is not directly at the printer.

A characteristic feature of the Eagle TX series architecture is the wing design. The print heads run on a rail at right angles to the direction of travel of the blade. The wing itself is guided longitudinally along the entire length of the printing table for each print job. This design ensures highly efficient, virtually uninterrupted printing operation.

For example, once the two pallets of the first of three trays are printed, it is simply removed from the print table without interrupting printing on the remaining pallets. The removed pallets are unloaded while printing continues and loaded for the next pass. Downtimes are thus reduced to a minimum.






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Ser.Tec - Eagle TX-Serie


Printing technology Piezo drop-on-demand, multilevel inkjet technology (3-6 picoliters)
Printheads 2 (optional 1)
Resolution 360-1.440 dpi
Maximum material thickness 250 mm


Water based
Color configurations CMYK CMYK (Dual four-color process)
  CMYK+W (Four-color process + White)
  2xCMYK + 8xWhite (only with dual printhead option)

Printing table

TX70 700x1.500 mm for 3 trays and 6 pallets standard 440x290 mm
TX50 500x700 mm for 1 Tray and 2 pallets standard 440x290 mm
TX130 1.300x1.500 mm for 4 Trays and 12 palets standard 440x290 mm


Power supply Ac 100-240V±10%|50/60Hz
Power consumption 500W
Operating environment 20-25°CHumidity 35-80% without condensation
Dimensions (WxDxH) TX70: 2,370 x 1,580 x 1,530 mm
  TX130: 2,370 x 2,195 x 1,600 mm
Weight TX70: 560 kg
  TX130: 700 kg
Included software RIP WhiteRIP 7
Shipment Dimensions (WxDxH) TX70: 2,520 x 1,700 x 1,940 mm - 900 kg
  TX130: 2,520 x 2,340 x 1,940 mm - 1.130 kg