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RICOH Ri 1000

Ricoh's DTG/DTF printing system

The Ri 1000 prints a full-color design direct on a white or a light-colored T-shirt in just 28 seconds. It can also print white as a base for colored and dark textiles. The maximum thickness of the printed material can go upto 30mm.

The 7-inch touchscreen offers easy operation. The quick-change pallet adapters enable rapid pallet and therefore product changes for high productivity.

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RICOH Ri1000


The Ri 1000 sets new standards in its class in terms of productivity and efficiency. These performance improvements are made possible by the end-to-end integration of hardware and customized software solutions:

  • The Textile Production Server from RGF partner ColorGATE enables high color consistency, automated production workflows, and the creation of a white underlay for printing on dark textiles.
  • All relevant parameters such as ink level, temperature, and humidity are continuously monitored which helps reducing the number of manual hardware interventions.
  • The large 7" (17.78 cm) touchscreen intuitively guides the user through different operations and informs the operator of necessary maintainence actions.
  • Automatic cleaning cycles and innovative head cleaning technology minimize need for manual printhead maintenance.

Key features

  • Wet-on-Dry System
  • Professional DTG solution for small budget
  • DTF (Direct to Film) without ink change possible
  • Pallet height adjustable to accomodate material thickness upto 30 mm.
  • 4 print heads, 8 channels for CMYK and 2x white
  • Max. Resolution: 1.200 x 1.200 dpi
  • Variable droplet size ensures perfect rendering of fine details
  • Max. Image Size: 40 x 50 cm
  • Quick-fix pallet holders for on-the-fly pallet size and format swap
  • Versatile applications supported, e.g. shoes, sleeves, hats
  • ColorGATE RIP software for color quality and workflow efficiency
  • ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certified ink system
  • Superior value for money in this product category
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Complete Solution

RGF is a one-stop solution provider. In addition to the printing system we offer a range of pre and post processing solutions and expert level application support to our clients.





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Ri 1000


Productivity Up to 13 pcs/hr when printing a white underbase 
Speed Mode: 28 seconds for 254 x 203 mm images on Light Garment 
Fine Mode: 48 seconds for 254 x 203 mm images on Light Garment
Print height Up to 30 mm
Maximum printing area 406 x 498 mm
Materials 100% Cotton, Cotton blend with min. 50% Cotton, 100% Light Polyester DTF Transfer Film  



Number of printheads 4
Printhead type Ricoh piezo-electric drop on demand Printheads
Print resolution1.200 x 1.200 dpi    



Number of pallets 1
Standard pallet size Medium (incl.) 320 x 457 mm
Optional pallets Small: 266 x 330 mm - Large: 406 x 498 mm Shoe adapter type G1 - Sleeve adapter type G1 - Hat adapter type G1    



Inks Water-based pigment inks
Channels 8 for 4C: CMYK + white
Ink system Cartridge and pump system with white ink circulation    



Construction Robust construction with high quality components
Measurement (WxDxH) 862 x 1,325 x 480 mm
Weight110 kg    



EnergyAc 220-240V|1.0A (11KW)|50Hz / 60Hz
Energy consumption100W, Standby 20WPC
Windows PC for ColorGATE Production Server