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OKI Pro9541WT

5-color transfer printing with white and true (!) black

The Pro9541WT from RGF partner OKI is an LED 5-color printing system with true black and white (CMYK+W) for the maximum format 329 mm x 483 mm.
OKI Pro9541WT 

Compared to the proven previous model Pro8432WT, the new Pro9541WT has a significantly more robust construction and more  designed for demanding production environments - printing with true black on A3+ format and with 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution.

The ability to overfill whites enables finer and more precise graphic detail on dark textiles, T-shirts and other materials.

A versatile solution: Digital toner transfer printing is only one application that the Pro9541WT can be used. Additional to that the Pro9541WT, OKI offers screen printing users an inexpensive digital printing solution which can be used to print digitally with color for transfer printing applications at comparatively very manageable costs and only the white has to be applied by screen printing. This does not only saves costs, but also production time.

Another application for the Pro9541WT is creating the films or the screens using the EXOstencil process.




  • The digital complementary solution for the screen printing
  • Transfer to a variety of textiles and solid surfaces without cutting or weeding
  • Ideal for DSST (Digital Smart Screen Transfer) applications
  • Color printing on transfer materials and film creation with one printing system
  • Suitable for EXOstencil screen printing prep paper for digital screen printing frame creation
  • Digital toner transfer
  • Single-pass 5-color printing for transfer applications
  • Color printing with white and true black
  • Print process automation with ColorGATE for OKI Digital Smart Screen Transfer
  • Can also be used for standard digital printing
  • Even special printing applications such as greeting cards and funeral printing are possible
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Digital toner transfer printing – Print and apply on almost all media without cutting or weeding

The Pro9541WT offers tremendous flexibility and a wide range of applications with CMYK and white toner printing. Vibrant, full-color transfer designs can be created on-demand for light and dark textiles, acrylic, ceramics, glass, metal, wood and promotional products.

Matching transfer media from RGF partner Forever:

  • Transfer printing for light and dark materials and promotional items
  • Print and transfer designs onto garments, solid surfaces and more
  • No cutting or weeding is required – so you save time and money

Digital toner transfer printing process


The support to screen printing – process reducing and cost saving

The Pro9541WT is an interesting addition to conventional screen printing processes.

This means that digital printing comes very close to screen printing not only in quality but also in terms of feel, handle and wash resistance.

Digital Smart Screen Transfers (DSST)

  • DSST makes creating full-color textile designs easy and affordable for screen printing users
  • The process makes it possible to print image designs and even photos with an unlimited number of colors and shades.
  • The image is printed on a specially coated film with the Pro9541WT
  • Screen printing is only required to apply the white barrier layer (water-based ink) and adhesive if necessary
  • Higher print resolution and cost savings for personalized short and medium runs compared to traditional toner transfer printing and cold peel
  • Ideal for licensed images, corporate logos, event merchandise, etc. …

Digital Smart Screen Transfer Process

For creating digital screen printing frames

  • A new and innovative way to make the screen printing process faster and easier
  • Create screen printing frames with a streamlined process and without the use of chemicals
  • To create screen printing templates with mesh sizes of 85–230
  • Three steps to success: 9541WT print on ExostencilImaging sheet - place dry adhesive sheet on print - fix with a heat press
  • Eliminating drying time in the frame making process

OKI Pro9541WT

Digital toner transfer printing process

OKI warranties always included

The OKI Pro9541WT comes standard with a 3-year warranty and on-site service. This warranty includes sämtliche spare parts, as well as the technician costs including travel if necessary. For RGF members, a warranty extension to 5 years is available when the machine is purchased.

Oki even offers a 10-year warranty on the LED lines used to expose the image drums.

More info and the OKI warranty conditions on the OKI website.

OKI warranties always included 



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Technology Digital 5-color LED printing technology with dry toner
Print resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (1 bit color depth/2 grayscale)
  1,200 x 600 dpi (4 bit/16 grayscale)
  600 x 600 dpi (1 bit color depth/2 grayscale)
  Physical pixel pitch: 1,200 dpi
Maximum print speed paper A4 (landscape) 50 pages/min. Color, 50 ppm. Black & white;
  A3 28 pages/min. Color, 28 pages/min. Black & white;
Consumption time approx. 50.0 seconds after power on
  approx. 35.0 Seconds out of power saving mode
Time to first page Color: approx. 8.0 seconds
  Black&white: approx. 8.0 seconds


Formats A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5, Letter, Legal 14, Legal 13.5, Legal 13, Executive,
  Tabloid (11 x 17 inch), Tabloid extra (12 x 18 inch), A3+, SRA3, A3 Nobi (328 x453 mm) SRA4,
  User-defined format: Width 64–330 mm x Length 89–1,321 mm Bannerlength
Media weights Slot 1: 52–320 g/m²
  Additional feed/multi-purpose tray: 52–360 g/m²


Printer language Original Adobe PostScript 3
Interfaces 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T, USB 2.0 High Speed
Protocol TCP/IP, EtherTalk
Memory 2 GB
Hard disk (optional) 160 GB
Maximum media input capacity Slot 1: 530 sheets/Add-on tray: 300 sheets - Dependent on media thickness
  Additional paper trays optionally available
Maximum output capacity Print side down: 530 sheets/ Print side up (straight out): 300 sheets
Measure (WxDxH) 699 x 665 x 640 mm
Weight 111 kg/91 kg without consumables


Temperature 10°C-32°C
Humidity 20%-80%
Energy Ac 220-240V±10%|50Hz/60Hz ±2%
Energy consumption Max. 1,600W/average 1,100W/standby 40W
PC Win PC for ColorGATE Production Server