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CN TOP Hybrid

Industrial textile finishing

The perfect combination: on-demand color direct printing with white; integrated into a screen printing oval

CN TOP's Hybrid is a high performance system for multi-shift operation at large textile finishers. The digital printing station is available in 4C (CMYK) or 6C (CMYK.RG) configuration.

CN TOP Hybrid

  White printing and further finishing steps are done by screen printing. No external pretreatment is required.

The system can be used to finish not only cotton textiles/natural fibers and blended fabrics, but also synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon.

Digital printing

Color printing with pigmented inks optional 4C or 6C (CMYK.RG) with up to 600 x 1,200 dpi resolution

  • 8-16 print cavities
  • 3-20 mm print height depending on configuration
  • Pigmented inks
  • Productivity of up to 400 pcs/hour

Screen printing

  • White;printing before digital printing
  • Special effects after digital printing
  • 6-20 screen printing stations
  • 28-70 pallets
CN TOP Hybrid Configurations

Key features

  • Fully automatic DTG oval in robust industrial design
  • System output of well over 1,000 shirts per 8-hour shift including integrated pre-treatment (spraying, drying, pressing)
  • Successive printing stations for white and color printing ('wet-on-dry')
  • 14/28 industrial print heads for CMYK and white
  • max. resolution: 600 x 1.800 dpi
  • max. motif size: 37 x 50 cm
  • Optional further palettes available
  • Choice of several premium pigment intensity systems for different customer priorities
  • ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certificate
  • High-end RIP SW from ColorGATE (PC HW not included) and relevant services such as calibration, profiling, workflow integration support, schools, etc. at the very highest level of competence
  • Cooperation with several workflow providers facilitates connection to different marketplaces and platforms
  • The know-how of a solution provider who coordinates all instruments in such a way that your CN TOP WINGS COMPACT gives your business wings!
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Service and support

CN TOP Europe provides service and spare parts supply within Europe. With the systems, the customer purchases a package with the most important spare parts, which are then available on site. In addition, spare parts are supplied from European distribution.

Complete Packages

CN TOP Europe offers complete solutions from a single source. Ask for the right pre- and post-processing systems and for experienced application support.

 CN TOP Hybrid


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Productivity Up to 400 pieces/hour
Print height 3-15 mm (D10B/D08/D12B/D14B/D16) or 3-20 mm (KTY8/KTY12) depending on configuration
Maximum printing range 650x700 mm (D10B), 420x600 mm (D08/D16), 310x600 mm (D12B),
  360x600 mm (D14), 900x700 mm (KTY8/KTY12)
Materials Natural fibers such as cotton, cotton blend, synthetic fibers, nylon, polyester, etc.


Number of printheads 8 (D08/KTY8), 10 (D10B), 12 (D12B/KTY12), 14 (D14B), 16 (D16)
Printheads Grayscale industrial printing köpfe from Fujitsu, Optional Ricoh
Print resolution 600x800 dpi/1,200 dpi
Cleaning System Automatic cleaning system
Humidification Wetting without contact


Number of pallets 28 to 70 depending on configuration
Minimum pallet size 540mm x 650 mm
Maximum pallet size 660mm x 990 mm


Inks Water-based pigment inks from DUPONT
Channel 4C: CMYK
  6C: CMYK(RG)


Construction High strength steel structure with high quality components
Size digital printing unit (WxDxH) plus oval 2,940 x 1,800 x 1,900 mm (D10B/KTY8/KTY12)
  2,640 x 1,210 x 2,190 mm (D08/D12B/D14B/D16)
Weight digital printing unit plus oval 1,500 kg (D10B/KTY8/KTY12)
  1,200 kg (D08/D12B/D14B/D16)


Temperature 20°C - 25°C
Humidity 60% - 70%
Energy Ac 220V±10%|10A (4KW)|50Hz / 60Hz
Air pressure Minimum 0.1 m3
PC Win PC for ColorGATE Production Server