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DupontTM Premium DTF inks

The water-based pigment inks of the DuPontTM Artistri® P1600 series are specially developed for DTF. The glycol-free inks are approved by EPSON for low-viscosity print heads.

The inks enable high color intensity, very good adhesion, wash resistance and thus ensure long-lasting, high-quality results.

In the Direct to Film (DTF) process, the desired motif for textile printing is first printed on a transfer film. A hotmelt adhesive granulate is then applied and heated. This is done automatically in a single operation. The transfer created in this way is later transferred to the textile using a hot press. The advantage of this process is its flexibility. A wide variety of textiles can be decorated: polyester, nylon, leather and also classic cotton and mixed materials – without any pre-treatment.


Dupont P1600
OEKO-TEX und GOTS for P1600 

Certified and versatile

DuPontTM Artistri® P1600 is a premium pigment textile ink specially developed for transfer digital printing (DTF) on cotton, polyester or blended fabrics for a wide range of garment and specialty applications.

The inks are GOTS-listed and certified according to the OEKO-TEX® standard. 

The certifications underline the quality of the inks. "Made in the USA", the premium inks from DuPontTM  stand for higher stability and quality than comparable DTF inks.



Main features and benefits:

  • High color strength that produces more vibrant printed images with less ink
  • Formulated for a wide color gamut, achieving white opacity and deep blacks across a wide range of commercially available films and powders
  • Formulated for high reliability, which translates into higher productivity:
    – Fast start-up in the morning
    – Reduced maintenance
  • OEKO-TEX® Eco Passport
  • GOTS-listed (Global Organic Textile Standard - the world's leading textile processing standard for organic fibers)
  • Stable quality: DuPontTM Artistri® P1600 pigment inks are made in the USA and manufactured under the strictest quality controls, resulting in superior consistency from batch to batch
  • DuPontTM Artistri® P1600 pigment inks are not classified as hazardous under GHS
  • DuPontTM Artistri® P1600 pigment inks do not contain ethylene glycol
  • DuPontTM Artistri® P1600 pigment inks are free from HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants)
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The RGF offers complete solutions from a single source. This also includes the optimum DTF film and the right hot melt granulate.

Ask for our experienced application support.

Our colleagues from the RGF Consulting team will support you in converting your DTF system and profiling for optimum printing results.

We also offer support for machines that we have imported ourselves.


The DuPontTM Artistri® P1600 series inks are ideal for DTF printing systems equipped with the following piezo printing heads:

  • EPSON i3200


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DUPONT ARTISTRI P1600 series**
Technology Water-based pigment inks for Direct to Film (DTF)
Colors Cyan P1610, Magenta P1620, Yellow P1630, Black P1640, White P1690
Compatibility EPSON print heads i3200, DX4, DX5, DX7
pH value, as made 8.25
Viscosity at 25°C (cP) CMYK 4, white 4.75
Surface tension (mN/m) 28
D50 (nm) CMYK <150, whiteß <300
OEKO-TEX® certification ECO PASSPORT 18.0.47571
GOTS listing No. GOTS-ECOCERT-08-00807
Durability In general 6 months from delivery
Storage The ink should be stored in a clean, dry place with a controlled temperature between 10 to 40 °C. The white ink must be moved intensively every day so that the sediment does not build up.
Cleaning DuPontTM Artistri® P1600 inks should be used with DuPontTM KF200 rinsing solution.
  ** For the safe use and handling of these products, please always read the current safety data sheet